Adding Users

Bellwether has the functionality to add and remove users to your dashboard yourself. This is useful if you have staff to whom you’d like to give a limited view of only their own store, or if you wish to give others in your organisation access to your data.

To start, go to the ‘User Management’ page on the side menu.

That will take you to the page below. Note that in this account, there is currently only one user. If you have multiple users set up, you will see a list of these in the bottom half of the page. Click ‘Add User’.

You can input either the name of the specific person you would like to add or just a title (for example Sales Manager, or Taupo Branch).

The email address you put in will be both the address used to log in, and the address the login information will be sent to. They will receive a welcome email which gives their login information and a temporary password they can use to log in for the first time.

Under ‘Select views’ you will see all the cameras your organisation has access to. If you are the administrator of the organisation this will match up with all the dashboards you can see but, if you only see the dashboards of one region or one store for example, you will be able to give access to other stores in your organisation to a new user.

‘Default View’ is the first dashboard this user will see when they log in. It could be their home store, or it could be the sum of all entrances to their building- it’s up to you. Select from the drop down menu.

Ticking the ‘Is Admin’ box will allow the new user the option to add and remove users and change their views themselves. If you leave this unticked you will be responsible for changes to their access to information.

You can cancel at anytime.

When you’re finished, click ‘Add user’ and the new user will receive an email right away with confirmation.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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