Adding and Removing Favourites

Favourite stores are quickly accessible and are great if, for example, you are a regional manager of a large chain with access to all stores info, but you’d like to be able to quickly access your own stores.

Favourites are found on the left side menu.

At the moment there are no favourites set up, but once you add a favourite store to this list it will appear in the white box.

To favourite a store:

Navigate to the dashboard of the store you wish to favourite, and you will see the name of the store on the top left.

If you click the star next to the store name, the store will be added to your favourites and appear in the favourites list.

There is no limit to the number of stores that can be added to favourites, but we recommend you keep it to only the few you use most often for ease of access. It is very easy to search for other stores using the ‘type to filter’ box just below.

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