The Overview page will display the Footfall, Conversion Rate (CV), Average Transaction Value (ATV), Items Per Transaction (IPT) and Revenue from all the dashboards the user has access to.

To access this, click on 'Overview' on the side menu.

This will bring you to the page in the image below.

In the top left, you are able to change the data aggregation that displays. Aggregation options are Daily, Weekly (default), Monthly, Year To Date and Moving Annual Total.

Clicking on the dashboard name will open up that dashboard in a new tab. The table display the current years data, then the previous years data and the difference between the two years.

In the top right of the page, you have the ability to filter columns and dashboards out of the table. You also have the ability to download the table as a spreadsheet (CSV File), and you can load, edit and delete custom reports.

When you edit these filters, you are able to save the filters so every time the overview page loads, these filters are automatically applied. Filtering dashboards will hide selected dashboards from the table, this will come in handy should a certain store need to be closed temporarily. You can also filter out columns and save which columns are hidden by default.

When you filter a dashboard or column, you can also save the changes you have made as a custom report. Custom reports are pre-saved filters that can be run on any date. For instance, you can filter out dashboards so only locations in the Auckland region are showing, filter out columns so only the difference percentages are showing, and set the data aggregation to Daily to create a Daily Auckland Comparison report. These can be available only to the user who created them, or they can be shared to all users of the company.

Last Updated 29th September 2020

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