Editing or Removing Context

It’s easy to edit or remove context information from the Context Menu.

First, find the context menu in the top right corner of the dashboard:

When you open this menu, you will see a list of context elements. Each of these can be edited in various ways, such as changing the dates and stores the context applies for, or adding further comments to enrich the knowledge available to store staff.

To edit context, hover over the context element you wish to edit. Two buttons will appear, one to edit and one to remove the context.

If you click the edit icon, you will be shown a menu where you can change the context information.

Name of Creator: Lets you change or add your own name as the creator of the context.

Pick Stores: Lets you change or add stores which the context is applied to. This will change which dashboards the context appears on.

Select the Context Type: This lets you change the type of context which appears- marketing, employees, weather or external factors.

Select your Date Range: This lets you change the dates the context applies to.

Comment: Lets you edit or add the reason for the context.

Once you have finished editing the context, click ‘Save Changes’ and the amended context will appear on your dashboard.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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