Resetting your Password

You will be prompted to enter your email address and then click ‘request password reset’. A temporary password will show up in your inbox which you can use to log in. You will be prompted to add your own personal password.

In some situations, your login may not be your email address, or it may not be an email address which you can access. In this situation you will need to either ask your organisation’s administrator to reset your password or, if you don’t have an administrator, send an email to

Resetting your users passwords if you are an administrator:

The User Management page shows you a list of all the users you admin. Click the edit button and you will have the option to reset the password for the user, as well as a number of other options.

Click on reset password, and you’re all done! We will send a temporary password to the user you requested which they can use to log in.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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