Heat Mapping

You can view your Heat Maps by clicking ’Heat Mapping’ in the settings menu on the Bellwether home page. Note in order to be able to access this functionality, you will need to have Heat Mapping cameras installed. This information will tell you things like where customers tend to dwell the most, and how the majority customer move through your stores.

When you load up the Heat Mapping page, the page will automatically download the most recent Heat Maps. Once they have loaded, you will be able to edit which images are downloaded with these settings:

If the Select a Time Period option is set to daily, the selected date will be taken as the end date of the period and the start date will be 6 days prior. In the image you can see the 29th of June is selected, so images between the 23rd of June and the 29th of June are downloaded.

If the Select a Time Period option is set to hourly, the Heat Maps for the selected date will be downloaded.

The Select a Map option will let you choose between downloading the Heat Maps showing how the Traffic moves through your store, and downloading the Heat Maps showing where customers typically Dwell in your store.

The icon next to the date in the image above will allow you to download and save the Heat Map currently being shown.

These images once loaded can be played in a slideshow fashion, slowly sliding through each image.

These icons can be found in the top right corner of the Heat Mapping page.

The first icon explains how to control the slideshow.

The second shows the comparison options. These options will allow you to download a second set of Heat Maps and show the images side by side for comparison.

The third icon will restart both slideshows back to the beginning.

The fourth icon will give you a URL that will hold all the options set above. This link can be shared between users and used to easily access certain Heat Maps.

The fifth icon will start/pause the slideshow.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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