Summary Dashboards

You can create summary dashboards. These are dashboards that combine foot traffic data sent from multiple dashboards as well as any transaction data sent from specified stores.

To do this, select the ‘settings’ tab on the left side of the Bellwether home page and click on ‘Summary Dashboards’. Do note this functionality is only available to users with admin access.

Your will be greeted with the page in the image below:

This table shows your companies current Summary Dashboards. The name of the dashboard on the left, in the middle is a drop-down that displays which dashboards send data to the summary dashboard, and options for editing and deleting the summary table are on the right.

Summary Dashboard Settings

Editing the dashboard name will change the dashboard name for ALL users that have access to the selected dashboard.

Editing the connected dashboards will empty the summary dashboard of all data, and will be refilled with data from the new specified dashboards. Refilling the summary dashboard can take up to 6 hours, depending on how many dashboards are connected to the summary dashboard.

Deleting the summary dashboard will empty the dashboard of all data and remove access of the selected summary dashboard from all users who have access to the summary dashboard. The dashboard will be gone and cannot be recovered. Note that this will not affect the dashboards connected and contributing data to the summary dashboard.

New Summary Table

When you click on the 'Create New Summary Dashboard' button, the form in the image below will appear.

This is where the user can specify which dashboards contribute to the summary dashboard. Dashboards in the list on the right will contribute to the summary dashboard. In the top left corner, the user can name the dashboard. Once the user clicks on the 'Create Dashboard' button, the dashboard will be created and data will start populating the dashboard, this may take up to 6 hours depending on how many dashboards are specified. The user will then be asked which users to give access to this new dashboard, shown in the image below.

These users will be able to view data in the summary dashboard in the same fashion as a normal dashboard.

Summary Dashboard Limit

There is a limit as to how many summary dashboards a company can create. If your company has reached it's summary dashboard limit, the message in the image below will be displayed in place of the 'Create New Summary Dashboard' button.

Updated on July 20th 2020

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