Signing in on Desktop and Mobile

Logging in using desktop

Welcome to Bellwether! It’s easy to sign in and use our services from the login page on your phone, tablet or computer.

When you sign up with Bellwether, you will be given a username (normally your email address) and a temporary password which you will be prompted to change the first time you log in.

First, go to and enter your username in the ‘login’ box.

Click on the ‘password’ box and enter your password.

If you are using a public or shared computer, we recommend that you do not tick the ‘keep me signed in’ box. We also discourage you to use the ‘keep me signed in’ feature if you don’t have a PIN or password set on your device. This is just so that your data remains secure.

Logging in using a phone or tablet

Use the same link you would use to log into Bellwether on your computer to log in on a mobile device. The login page looks like the picture below:

In the same way you would login on a computer, put your login or email address into the ‘login’ box and your password into the ‘password’ box.

If your mobile device isn’t secured with a password or PIN, we recommend that you don’t select ‘keep me signed in’.

Although there is currently no iOS or Android app for Bellwether, you can add the web page to your home screen via the following steps:

On iPhone:

First, press the ‘share’ button at the bottom of the browser.

Then select ‘add to home screen’.

This will create a Bellwether icon on your home screen that you can move around as you would an app, which will take you directly to the Bellwether login screen.

On Android

On the Bellwether page, touch the three dots at the top right of the screen as circled.

Then touch the ‘add to Home screen’ button.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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