Glossary of Terms

A short glossary of useful terminology to know when navigating through the Bellwether interface.

Foot Traffic / Footfall

The number of people who enter and move through your physical space or store.

Moving Annual Total (MAT)

A metric used to calculate the total sales or revenue generated over the past 12 months.

Year To Date (YTD)

The period of time starting from the beginning of the current calendar year up until the present day.

Conversion Rate (CR)

The percentage of visitors or potential customers who take a desired action, most often making a purchase

Average Transaction Value (ATV)

The average amount of money spent by a customer per transaction.

Revenue (REV)

The total amount of money generated by a business from sales or other sources of income over a specific period of time.

Items Per Sale (IPS)

The average number of items or products sold per transaction.

Weighted Opportunities (WOP)

A metric used in sales to track the total value of potential sales that were lost.

Dollars Per Visitor (DPV)

The average amount of revenue generated per visitor. Please see below for downloadable PDF.

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