Adding Views

If you add Bellwether to a new store, a new venue or location, or wish to give a bunch of new users access to some new data, it’s easy with the Bulk Add Views function.

First, go to the User Management page from the side menu on the Bellwether home page.

When the User Management page loads, you will see the ‘Bulk Add Views’ option on the top right. First, select the users that you wish to add views to or tick select all to apply the changes to all users.

When you click ‘Bulk Add Views’ the following menu will appear.

Double click on dashboards in the left column to pull them over to the right column. These dashboards will be added to all users selected. If a selected user can already see a dashboard you’ve selected then their access to this will be unchanged.

If you have a lot of dashboards to go through, you can search for the specific one you want to add by using the filter box.

When you’re finished, click ‘Add Views To Users’. The next time the users you selected log in, they will see their new dashboards on the side menu. This will not change their default dashboards or favourites. You can also remove views in bulk via the same process by clicking ‘bulk remove views’.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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