Foot Traffic Count Table

This shows the Foot Traffic Counts for a specified amount of time. The total Foot Traffic Counts for each day can be found at the bottom of the table.

There is also a total in the top right of the table that displays the total of the Foot Traffic across all the days on the table.

The split percentage at the bottom of the table shows what percentage of the overall total mentioned above, a particular day contributes. In the image below for example, Monday contributes 12% to the overall total.

The bottom left of the table is where a user can specify which date range of date is displayed on the table.

The colours of the graph are dictated by how high the foot traffic count in the table cell is. The higher the foot traffic count, the darker the colour. This helps in drawing conclusions about how busy a store is at a certain time. With the image above, the table shows this test store is most busy on Saturday mid-morning to midday.

The table can also display the exiting foot traffic, by toggling the settings in the bottom right of the table.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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