Download Data

You can download footfall counts for a maximum of 12 months as a csv file which can be opened in Excel, Numbers or any other spreadsheet software.

To do this, select the ‘settings’ tab on the left side of the Bellwether home page and click on ‘Data Exports’.

This will open a page where you can select ‘sensors’ (your dashboards) and a date range.

To select the sensors you would like to download data for, click the ‘Choose sensors’ box. Each sensor you select will appear in the box above. Once you’re finished, click anywhere else on the page.

To select your start and end dates, click their respective boxes and choose the date from the drop-down menu. The arrows at the top of the drop down menu will allow you to cycle through months and select larger periods of time.

The ‘Data Aggregation’ tab allows you to choose how the data is divided up. For example, selecting ‘daily’ will show you the foot traffic for each day in the time period you selected. Selecting ‘hourly’ will show you the foot traffic for each hour in the time period you selected. This allows you to go into as much detail as you wish for your data breakdowns.

Selecting 'Use Comparison Dates' will give you the option to download data from a second set of dates so you can compare date ranges, say Easter this year and Easter last year.

Use the settings circled in the image above to select if you want to download Foot Traffic (Entry) data, or Transaction data, or both. Note that the Transaction Data Download function is only available to you if you share your transaction data with us.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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