Foot Traffic and Conversion Rate Graphs

Underneath the coloured footfall tiles are your foot traffic and conversion analysis graphs. You can see how these metrics are growing or shrinking on a macro level by year, or you can dig deeper by selecting the monthly, weekly or daily view.

Conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of transactions your store receives by the foot traffic numbers, giving you a percentage value which we show on the right hand graph. In much the same way you can view foot traffic, you can view conversion rate anywhere from year-on-year down to the hour.

The ATV button on the right hand graph displays your Average Transaction Value. The REV button will display your revenue, and the IPT button will display your average Items Per Transaction. Note that this functionality is only available to you if you share your transaction data with us.

On the daily tab, you will have the option on both graphs to select a date to display on the graph. You can also choose to display either the last five days from the date you selected, or specify which day of the week to display on the graph, for instance you can display the last 5 Mondays. The arrow in the top right corner will reset the graph to display its default, which is the current date and the past 4 days.

These graph also allow you to choose from a number of colour palettes, view the How to Change Graph Colours page to find how it works.

Updated on July 7th 2020

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